FBK improves its internal project organization

The new year is well underway, brand new initiatives are taking place at FBK and, among the others, there is one that makes the difference, let’s find out.

The growing of tender processes around the world requests the managing of complex projects involving intensely many people, that is why FBK has made a massive advancement introducing a new tool, very powerful and agile, for its internal project management activities.

Someone says that Project Management is an art, someone else that is science, we prefer to call it the mindfulness to elevate the quality of our internal processes, ensuring a satisfactory level of efficiency above all, involving all departments to lead the projects to success.

The result of the start-up phase was very successful: delivered as SaaS solution, the new tool features many functions pretty welcomed by all teams, and in the first weeks of using a hundred projects have been implemented.

This technological shift took place when new resources are joining the company, allowing the new talents the opportunity to be involved and trained from the beginning of their experience at FBK.

This is undoubtedly an excellent start of the season, it is fundamental to build the necessary expertise and knowledge to exploit the competency in the most efficient way.

In the meantime, FBK is engaged in increasing R&D and Customer Service teams, which are crucial departments for the company, whose experts are focused on a serious commitment to manage and fulfill every day the demanding requests of our customers, more and more complex and sophisticated, according to the recent market conditions.

Don’t miss the next updates scheduled in the pipeline for the coming months. Stay tuned with FBK!

Milan, February 2020


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