Customer Service Value

A constant support to the voice of the customer

Among the key factors that mark FBK’s success is for sure the high quality of our Customer Service Team.

Unlike other companies we have decided to keep our Customer Service in-house instead of outsourcing it, and involved motivated and retained employees in customer listening and problem solving, to provide a higher quality service.

Non-stop support to the voice of the customer meet their needs is our simple but fundamental approach: we strive to provide high value in our process, from the first welcome feedback out to undertaking the most detailed request, through reduced lead-times, and increasing better communication.

FBK’s quality service is furthermore certified by several Life Science and Healthcare Clients listed in the context of Fortune 500 Companies, that had chosen FBK for the full competence and demonstrated expertise.

FBK is aware that dealing with such expectations and requirements demands not only a solid relationship but requests also an extended, suitable and effective development of its services.

We truly believe that a happy customer not only becomes a loyal customer, but also becomes a brand ambassador.

That’s why providing outstanding customer service is a basic key in FBK company’s culture, we are committed every day to improve our quality standard to deliver the best service accordingly to the customer expectations and needs: because offering benefits with a good service brings benefit to us.