Merry (CM) XmaS and Happy New Year 2020!

While 2019 is approaching the year-end, we like to mention some factors which have marked this year above all, and it’s good to start with the nice people working in FBK Headquarter in Milan and the colleagues based in Rome.

FBK staff is constantly increased during 2019, mid-seniors and young talents have joined the team providing expertise and strength to face the true challenges we have engaged. Without their ideas and passion, it would not be possible to afford all the issues arise throughout the year.

Of course, we cannot fail to remember CM|XS Suite, FBK’s core platform, which has allowed us to meet several complex requirements emerging from large Life Science companies, involved in multi-country projects across the world.

The current year has seen the growing expansion in Europe with more than 20 countries operating, thanks to the new installations in the Czech Republic and Hungary. But most significant is the entering, for the first time, into the markets of the United States, and Russia. A true turning point for FBK, a hallmark of our business that has contributed to the growth of our reputation, through an international market presence that will be further developed during the next year.

The renewal in 2019 of both Service Organization Control (Soc 2) Type II, and ISO:2001/2015 certifications has been another meaningful step for FBK. Achieving such important awards have undoubtedly contributed not only to raise and set the quality control of our organization but also enabling the entire staff to increase their awareness and long-term vision, constantly upholding high standards effort for the future.

We continuously monitor market trends and benchmarks, cloud deployment models are now becoming mainstream, advantaging medium and large companies to structure and strengthen tender projects. FBK drives along its growth path of continual investment in technology and human resources, consolidating the positioning among the global leaders in the industry.

And now it’s time to wish our best greetings for Christmas and the New Year to all our customers and partners, as well as thanking them for their suggestions and encouragements.

Milan, December 2019


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