A winning partnership

In the current year some significant moments have occurred to our company, such as the relocation of all teams to the panoramic new head-quarter or the remarkable change of the corporate name into FBK, both happened in July.

But there’s another crucial step that marks this relevant year for FBK, it’s the ongoing partnership as the official provider of tender solutions for CSL Behring, one of the major biotech company worldwide, achieved by FBK after a successful competition with other international providers that took place at the end of 2018.

In order to structure and improve the managing of tenders within its organization, CSL decided to deliver a Global Tender Project along 3 subsequent waves from January 2019 to June 2020, deploying more than 30 countries around the world.

After less than ten months since the beginning of the project we’re super glad to announce that at the end of October 2019 FBK has implemented new CM|XS installations in several EMEA emerging markets as Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Greece and the Nordics, that join 6 countries already operating since May 2019.

This is the result of the intense work developed during this period and actively in progress, showing the efficacy and capacity of all FBK teams to transpose and develop the requirements arising from CSL within the appointed time, and indeed, even in advance.

But the course isn’t over yet, new installations of CM|XS are scheduled to be released within November 2019, and the next deadline is truly considerable, because, in addition to important EMEA countries as Belgium, the Netherlands, and Turkey where FBK is already well-established, 3 large countries are about to be covered: Canada, the United States, and Russia!

While in Canada our solutions are far longer operating for other customers, the United States and Russia are brand new markets for FBK.

This significant achievement for our company gained thanks to the great commitment and to the innovative skills of CM|XS Suite, capable of ensuring all demands needed to perform the tender process within these relevant countries.

CSL’S Global Tender project is underway until 2020, don’t miss the follow-up of this memorable breakthrough, more details will be soon available.

Stay tuned with FBK!

Milan, November 2019


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