Feedback becomes FBK

It’s natural as the weather... a famous Canadian songwriter used to sing.

In the life cycle of a company several changes can happen, to characterize key moments and periods. A couple of those changes are taking place during the month of July 2019, a crucial passage for our organization, starting with the relocation to the new head quarter nearby San Siro area – while the city office remains operative - really appreciated by the entire company staff, that will be soon joined by new resources.

The second important step of the month is, although not physical, maybe more meaningful: earlier today, July 24th 2019, Feedback Processi Logici has changed the corporate name into FBK.

This shift is the result of a natural process that began some time ago, coming especially from our international customers that have always found easier and immediate calling us FBK, and naturally evolved in recent times as the common definition.

Being devoted to the original name is natural, of course, but looking forward to the future has always marked our vision.

That’s why in this year of great changes we decided to turn this corner and simply becoming FBK #ForBestKnowledge

And as we say in Italy, there’s no the 2 without the 3, so stay tuned!

Milan, 24th July 2019.


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