Pharma World chooses FBK's SaaS, too!

We are proud to announce that a global BioPharma company focused on cardiovascular disease, hepatitis B and hepatitis C, cancer diseases, HIV/AIDS and rheumatoid arthritis, with a turnover of $16.6 billion in 2015, has chosen the FBK Contract Manager SaaS Platform for its Tender&Offer business.

FBK Contract Manager has replaced a tailor-made solution that was no longer considered fitting to the needs of a continuously-evolving market, which requires dedicated and regularly updated solutions. In this respect, FBK Contract Manager was chosen among other solutions, for its ability to immediately offer a full functional coverage and prompt response to Business needs, throughout the end-to-end management cycle, and with an efficient solution in SaaS environment.

This new success further strengthens FBK’s best-in-class solution for quality and efficiency in Tender Management processes: “Less cost, more benefit”.

If you want to know more about how FBK could provide strategic, operational and functional improvements to your Tendering Processes, please do not hesitate

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