Our SaaS platform: less cost, more benefit

FBK Cloud proposal (supplied trough fbsys.com portal ) is based on a complete and clear offer, that allows Customers to immediately maximize the benefits provided by FBK solutions thanks to:


An all-inclusive monthly fee per User


Well-defined functional contents

This adds to the other advantages of FBK SaaS offer:


Our SaaS is accessible with a price that includes upgrades, maintenance and various support levels. No Frills, no surprise.

Quick to Deploy

With our SaaS solutions, all you need is a web browser and internet access, and you're ready to go. Whereas traditional software can take weeks or even months to deploy, our SaaS solutions simply requires an add-in to be installed, then you are able to access your new software immediately.

Zero Infrastructure

When delivering business applications via SaaS, we take care of all the complexity of the underlying IT infrastructure. Your Company does not need to worry about hardware maintenance or obsolescence, or which operating system version is needed to support your database. And this is true for all the technology stack that you daily use.

Seamless Upgrades

We will take care of software updates and upgrades, thus avoiding the need for you to install or download patches. At any time, you are sure that you will have the most up-to-date software.

Backups and Data Recovery all done for you

If you are familiar with traditional software, you certainly know that unless a costly automated solution has been implemented, the process of backing up your data on a reasonable plan can be arduous at the best of times. Our SaaS solutions avoid the need for this painstaking task, instigating automatic backups without user’s intervention and thus ensuring your data integrity.

Guaranteed Service Levels

With most traditional software programs, product performances are not guaranteed, but with SaaS they are. For instance, FBK guarantees that your applications will be available 99.5% of the time.

Long Term Customer Relationship

This is the most important point for a SaaS Supplier.

We need time to take into account both sales and marketing costs of acquiring a new customer and the money we have spent on the infrastructure, without making any profit in the first period of the relationship. So it's very important that our Customers be happy with the service provided, and stay with us for many years. Short term is SaaS enemy!

Work Anywhere

With an internet connection, our SaaS solutions can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Users can access their data and work more efficiently from anywhere, making life easier for home-workers or for people working across multiple sites. And with the same security level.

High Adoption Rates

As SaaS solutions are delivered over the internet, there is virtually no learning curve involved with adopting a new solution, since employees tend to be already used to working on the internet.

SaaS vs On Premises


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