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Frontier Pricing Scenario Tool

Frontier Pricing Scenario Tool

In countries like UK and Canada, Master Framework based on Bands and Tiers is becoming the new standard for tender. Being able to manage this new pricing model is more and more a “must” for Healthcare companies.

CM|XS Suite has already released “ad-hoc” functionalities that support Tender Office Team in managing this complex process (multiple bands based on thresholds).

Now it is the time to support Sales Team because in order to stay competitive it is necessary to adapt to the market changes and, above all, to the different characteristics of each customer.

Frontier Pricing Scenario Tool is the perfect complement, both to define the best pricing based on commitment and to face in a correct and easy way the complex pricing strategy that definitely moved from a static single price to a price that is influenced by multiple factors.

Work smarter not harder

Through the simulation of multiple offer scenarios, our Frontier Pricing Scenario Tool facilitates and makes more efficient the work of the Sales Rep in two ways:

  • Understands which scenarios generate the maximum gain, not only on a strictly profit basis, but also taking into account more complex objectives on a medium-long term basis;
  • Shows to the customers the different chosen scenarios in order to define “live” the terms of the offer, changing different parameters in order to see how the price adapts each time.

As mentioned, Frontier Pricing Scenario Tool can be based on our Pricing bands/tiers originated from the structured original Framework that each customer has joined.

Through various types of highly customizable thresholds, there will be a specific price to apply according to quantities, total amount of sales or awarding percentage, computed on a single item, lot or sub-lot level.

Sales Rep will be then able to “play” with the tool and see how the price dynamically adapts according to the different volumes/amounts offered, in order to find the most advantageous scenario.

But it doesn't stop here

Frontier Pricing Scenario Tool permits to add further rebates, which will have an additional impact on the final price.

Among the special types of rebate already used in the tool there are:

  • Length of customer’s commitment;
  • The Market Share that the customer promise us;
  • Any additional discount, that can be computed according to the total amount awarded of the contract; in this way, the pricing simulation is extended to the entire offer and is not just limited to the single item or lot;
  • An inter-lot analysis, special bands and discounts can be reached mixing the offered items within different lots.

Frontier Engine

The Frontier Pricing Scenario Tool is highly customizable and can be modified and adapted to every type of request.

Even if all of this may seem complex and hard to manage, thanks to our CM|XS Suite the user will be supported by a simple and intuitive interface.

Benefits included:

  • Automatic Recommended Band Calculator and next band volume/spend analysis
  • High Complex Scenarios analysis in real time
  • Previous Year Sales & Framework bands always updated
  • Scenarios Comparison to suite your best offer
  • Highly configurable interface
  • Self-Service configuration
  • Graph & Tables to define your best scenarios
  • Hundreds of advanced Levers/Parameters to manage your rebate
  • Customer Segregation
  • VAS & Voucher definition

There’s more to talk about

Let’s connect to discuss your business needs and how Frontier Pricing Scenario Tool helps companies like yours to achieve great performances. Contact Sales

Milan, March 2021.


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