Bands and Tiers Management Tool

Ongoing research for innovation, efficient solutions, and customer satisfaction are the distinct values that underpin all FBK activities.

Among the recent developments, FBK has released a new tool in response to growing market demands, especially from UK and Canada, requesting more efficient ways to handle pricing management within the purchasing process along the tendering procedure.

For this scope, FBK has created Pricing bands/tiers & related threshold schedule management tool that particularly helps customers to:

  • Support the Tender Office Team to manage these complex requirements in a more structured and optimized way;
  • Monitor the thresholds compliance in the different contracts derived by the Original Framework that each Customer has joint;
  • Prevent the need of additional resources while managing this process;

Pricing bands/tiers & related threshold schedule management tool, characterized for its high-design level, responds to these requests allowing users to perform purchasing operations through a streamlined process, thanks to detailed template options and functionalities.

Several types of bands thresholds (by Lot amount, by Quantity item, by Percentage of award, etc…) can be set up according to different tender specifications and to various “level” of the offer structure (Item, Lot, Sub-Lot…).

The enhanced functionalities of the tool allowing each Customer that joins the Framework Agreement, to set up and define the agreed pricing bands.

Likewise, the user may also add other options such as:

  • Create specific contracts for each Customer (or group of customers) that joins the Framework
  • Load data from external sources as XLS or XML, by setting the pricing bands/tiers directly in the application
  • Manage multiple years of pricing schedule
  • Apply periodic reviews of pricing banding for each customers

Each Life Science company seeks the right way to manage the process, and to close the circle it is necessary to monitor the requested level of compliance within the agreed bands/tiers thresholds, to verify if the customer requests could be shifted in other Bands lots, and to complete the purchasing as expected.

Furthermore, Pricing bands/tiers & related threshold schedule management tool allows users to consolidate orders/invoices against the specific Customer/Framework agreement in a constant and efficient manner (i.e through automatic alert), using FBK CM|XS DataMart (BI Tool) and CM|XS Reporting System (Operative Reporting) which are included in the CM|XS Suite

With this innovative tool FBK once again shows great competence in implementing new advanced solutions.

Milan, November 2019


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