Maximum Versatility and Integration

Summer vacations are definitely over, and after some time a specific demand is increasingly required by the Life Science business community, especially within multinational companies, that deserves to be mentioned.

Among the various instances there’s the increasing necessity to standardize the tendering management process throughout different market areas together with the utmost flexibility for the operations at country level, in order to manage all local requirements in the best way.

In a few words the scope of this request is to better deliver the global process, providing flexibility of features and functions.

In just two words: maximum versatility.

Several presentations of CM|XS Suite have been made over the last months by our team of experts, in which every requirement from the market has been analyzed and then implemented, to properly respond with high configuration capabilities and best practices to any possible demands about local needs, and for future improvements.

CM|XS Suite once again proved equal with considerable efficacy, demonstrating the high versatility of its structure, providing the appropriate answers for a streamlined tendering process. All major benefits are included.

The competition in Life Science and Health Care market makes it relevant for customers to adopt the best tool, gaining a decisive competitive edge.

CM|XS Suite with its solutions can be also easily integrated within the customer set-up, driving tender revenues with stable basis within the business channels of the company.

Tendering 5.0 is just around the corner. FBK is ready.

Milan, 20th September 2019.


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