CM|XS Suite − Fast and accurate

It is now some months since the accomplishment and re-branding of CM|XS Suite with its featuring applications BackOffice, DataMart, Mobile, Operational Intelligence and Reporting, and we’re very pleased to receive positive feedbacks from our customers concerning the performances of our suite.

The hard work done during 2018 by all internal departments has meant that nowadays, in the current year 2019, CM|XS Suite continues to stand alongside and support Life Sciences companies, thanks to its fast and functioning software solutions for Tender Management.

Talking about performance and timing, here’s an example we like to underline: it takes averagely 3 seconds to look at your watch or your smartphone, that’s the same time that CM|XS DataMart takes to elaborate more than 350.000 coding rows for a Tender offer.

Yes, and not only that.

CM|XS DataMart application allows any Tender Manager to rapidly verify if the purchase ordered by your customer has been completed.

A matter of time and accuracy.

Together with the other applications BackOffice, DataMart, Mobile, Reporting and Operational Intelligence, CM|XS Suite provides hundreds of Out of the Box functionalities, perfectly configurable for each company and type of user and able to provide them with the best solution for their specific needs and requirements.

CM|XS Suite provides companies with more than 600 configuration parameters with a lot of different application modules, allowing to configure each country installation at the best, in accordance with local procedures and rules.

"One App for Everyone and Everywhere" perfectly summarize the concept.

When choosing FBK as partner for your Tenders you can take advantage of secure know how, great competence and experience gained in more than 20 years, a long-term course during which many powerful end-to-end solutions with a lot of options has been issued.

FBK solutions are currently active in 30 countries all over the world, and new installations are planned for the next couple of years in Center and South America, as well as the starting of the forthcoming debut in Australia, China and Japan.

For more information and details about CM|XS Suite contact us now at, or fill the contact form, we will reply shortly.


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