Poland, here we are

Among the eastern countries within the European Union there’s one that particularly stands out in the recent years, specifically in economic terms. It’s Poland.

As the eighth largest economy in the Union, Poland has reached high-income status over a relatively short period of time, as certified by the World Bank.

Since the global recession of 2009, Poland’s Gross Domestic Product continued to grow stable (on average 3.6% over the past decade), and this transition benefited from increases in productivity, strengthened institutions, human capital investments, and sound macroeconomic management.

Strong household spending and robust government contribute ahead of next year’s elections should fuel healthy growth going forward.

Within this positive trend FBK has established an operational programme for Tender Services in Poland since June 2018, as part of its international growth prospects.

FBK installations are now operating in more than 26 countries across the world, and new openings are actually under development and should take place by the end of the current year.

FBK Contract Manager is a platform always up and ready, if you need a follow-up just go to dedicated page to find all information you might need.

Our sales team is ready to answer for any specific questions and available to realize a dedicated demo based on your demands, just drop us a line at sales@fbk.it

Enjoy the surf!

Milan, September 2018


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