A biotech world-class Client for FBK

During the month of November 2018, after a challenging competition with other international providers, we won the tender for the provision of our software solutions for a major Australian biotech company, a global leader in the field with market cap over $60 b and more than 20,000 employees, producing quality plasma-derived medicines and biotherapies for the cure of rare diseases.

The structure of the collaboration shall be divided into three different waves across 30 countries all over the world for the next two years. In several of them FBK is long standing operational with its installations, while in areas as Center and South America ( Mexico, Brazil and Chile) these will be brand new installations, as well as the starting of our forthcoming debut in Australia, China and Japan.

Among the main strengths recognized by the client that distinguishing our work there’s the full know-how and deep competence, as well as providing total end-to-end functional coverage to deliver and support any client requirements and needs involved in Contracting & Tendering Process, making it much better than any other player in this field.

Experienced and powerful Tender Management Solutions will continually be in demand globally, and “we are very well placed to gain a competitive edge by becoming a global leader, and this partnership reinforce even more our leadership” said Andrea Albonico, FBK Ceo and Co-Founder.

Very recently we have updated the original solution Contract Manager into the new brand CM|XS Suite, which includes all the connected applications as Back Office, DataMart, Mobile, Operational Intelligence and Reporting.

In a nutshell, One App for Everyone and Everywhere.

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