FBK awarded the EcoVadis bronze medal for its achievements in sustainability.

Today we have the pleasure to announce that FBK obtained a bronze medal for its first EcoVadis Assessment in recognition of its achievements in sustainability.

At FBK, our spirit of empowerment is reflected in everything we do, not only in the products and services we deliver through our Tender Management Platform, but also in how we manage our business, our relationships with stakeholders and our community.

FBK’s core values are embedded in a corporate culture that supports integrity, environment and sustainability. At the end of 2021, as a demonstration of our commitment, we embraced the spirit of EcoVadis with the goal to contribute positively to the creation of long-term value for society.

International standards

EcoVadis is one of the most important international sustainability rating platforms that aims to improve the environmental and social practices of companies by exploiting the influence of global logistics chains in 150 sectors and 110 countries. Since its founding in 2007, EcoVadis has grown to become the world's largest and most trusted provider of corporate sustainability assessments, creating a global network of over 90,000 rated companies.

The EcoVadis sustainability assessment methodology analyzes how a company has integrated sustainability/CSR principles into its business and management system. It is based on international sustainability standards, including the Global Reporting Initiative, the United Nations Global Compact and ISO 26000.

The Sustainability Scorecard used illustrates the company's performance in four themes:

  1. Environment Policy
  2. Labor Practices and Human Rights
  3. Ethics
  4. Sustainable Purchasing

Building a sustainable green future

This first-time achievement puts FBK in the top of all companies assessed and encourage us to continue building our strategy around sustainability for a greener future.

At FBK, we're thinking green and we are focusing on various initiatives to speed up our sustainability roadmap. From our technology to our suppliers and customers we are striving to play our part in one of the greatest challenges of this century—the climate emergency.

We keep track of all activities that have a carbon footprint and to reduce them we start changing internal company policies and business processes, making informed choices about our suppliers, and thinking to purchase carbon offsets and/or carbon removals where emissions cannot be immediately eliminated.

  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Path to net zero

Support our Dream Team

At FBK, we think that also our culture plays a fundamental role in this process and continues to bea unique competitive advantage—which transpires in every initiative we pursue from the creation of new products, to relationships between people and the success of our customers.

We firmly believe in our unique principles and spread them on every day both inside and outside the company. Our values allow us to attract and retain talents and build customer loyalty to become the #1 Tender Management Platform in the world.

These years of pandemic are a clear and concrete demonstration of how supporting our resources is our priority to help them live work life peacefully without affecting daily routine and families.

From our earliest days we have never set limits of any kind and we aim to empower our workforce with everything we can to by providing resources that enable them to serve our ecosystem of partners and customers in the best possible way.

FBK sees the strong connection with employees as a key piece of fostering an inclusive company and retaining a diverse workforce.

  • Build a diverse and talented futureforce

The journey to social and sustainable commitment brings continuous challenges that we are ready to tackle with a high-impact program. We know that the improvement path is long and articulated but we are very proud and enthusiastic about this first milestone—a big thank you to our exceptional Dream Team who works with creativity and resilience on the continuous improvements of FBK.

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