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A large amount of legislation and controls have grown around the attendance of medical staff at corporate meetings and conventions that provides a unique set of rules and regulations that must be adhered to.
For this reasons Healthcare companies require Meeting Management software that can keep track of this very complex issue as a protection against sanctions that generic software cannot provide.
FBK Meeting Manager Pharma is the primary meeting and congress management software for the Life Science market, able to provide is the specific answer to this new market need, giving this as a main core benefit of the application and allowing a fundamental support for:

  • Thorough check of the economic aspects connected to the event, as Budget, Estimate and final Balance
  • Allocation of costs/profits under the analytical (cost centers, Business Units, Organizational References) and business (products, lines, geographic areas) points of view;
  • Comparative check of services requested to suppliers, with review of the past relations;
  • Issuance of PR or PO in conformity with the other corporate purchasing types, for a check with annual budget
  • Disclosure of the information within the organization (what, where, when, who is involved)
  • Cross-event analysis (where did we spend/invest/earn?)


FBK Meeting Manager Pharma is based on a fbk technology, called “Workflow Manager”, which allows a complete Business Process Management, trough smallest unit of a Business Process(called 'Simple (basic) Activity'), that are single well-defined rule or activity that maintains specific attributes and can be executed on its own. With this approach, different kinds of Events such as International Events, Course, etc, can be defined as Business Processes (or Events templates), and the application can be customized to solve specific customer requirements, while maintaining its full compatibility with new versions released by FBK.

FBK Meeting Manager Pharma (MMP) is specifically designed for the Healthcare Market, and the general logic flow that could be managed closely reflects the activities connected with the particular event or 'non-congressional investment‘ in the Life Sciences Market:

  • Definition of the annual Budegt related to all Marketing Investments
  • Detailed planning of each event/investment;
  • Event/investment management (Data entry; Document creation; Deadline check, to make sure the appropriate documentation is prepared and sent on time);
  • Final balance (Cost analysis at the end of each event/investment; Gathering and sharing of information related to the event/investment, cost estimates and final balance, by e-mail or other means).
  • Comparison and control with the Budget.
  • Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Data sharing with Field Force


The scalable architecture of the Suite allows, if necessary, a smooth transition from the coexistence of different systems and procedures to the implementation of a single homogeneous environment - seamlessly integrated into existing IT structures and Business organizational procedures.

FBK Meeting Manager also finds its ideal placing in an integration with other companies “business” applications, such as SAP/R3, JD-Edwards, MFG-Pro, ACG/IBM AS-400, Oracle Applications, and to ETMS systems such as Siebel, Cegedim, SalesForce.

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