FBK Meeting Manager

If you are a Professional Congress Organizer, you need to quickly plan simple or complex events for your customers.

FBK Meeting Manager Agency for Professional Contress Organizer is your right solution, that allows you to create "Event Models" in terms of activities, resources, to do lists, for managing different types of meetings, like Institution events, local meetings, lab visits, company conventions and much more.
For each event you can manage tasks, contacts, budget, fees, prepare economic offers, produce letters and invitations, organize housing and travel preferences, collect invoices and make the balance, produce analysis and reports for internal use and for your clients.
You can easily control all the due dates, such as  Supplier Invoice expiration, Customer Invoice expiration, Room reservation, supplier payments, etc.
Each client's events (and contacts) are managed separately, providing you the right vision of your business
Allow you to provide your customers with an accurate reporting, both during the event then at the end of it, including cost splitting for Client's cost center, business unit and Sales rep.

In more details, a Professional Congress Organizer is responsible for numerous aspects of an event, and FBK Meeting Manager Agency is able to provide a compelling and exhaustive solution to accomplish the activities of the different phases that define the complex management process:

Detail event planning

  • Client Brief Acknowledging Receipt
  • Drafting Cost estimate
  • Requesting for Quotation
  • Gathering economic offers

Operating Management

  • Drafting pre-offers (different proposals) or an analytical quotation
  • Defining conditions of supplier contracts
  • Managing document for Compliance and ECM/CME credits
  • Managing deposits/options towards suppliers

Managing Participants and accompanying visitors

  • Gathering and managing participants’ names
  • Booking (allotment/rooming list, Flight list and transfer, individual or group travel programs) and registration
  • Managing materials per attendee (welcome letters, event program, hotel accommodations), to maintain the Client Corporate Image

Final balance

  • Receiving final cost statement from the suppliers
  • Recording accounts payable, accurate final cost statement for the Client according to different criteria to satisfy his preferences (per Services, per Participants, per Organizational references)
  • Managing the services costs for each participant/accompanying visitor
  • Analyzing data (related to a single event or to all of them).

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