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A Day in the Life of an FBK Backend Developer

A Day in the Life of an FBK Backend Developer

Alena Anog is a Backend Developer on the CM|XS Suite Platform.

You’re a Backend Developer: what does it mean?

Backend Developer means being responsible for maintaining the source code, developing new features requested by the customer, fixing any reported bugs, tracking every change on the code with punctuality/precision, and documenting all activities so that they are easily interpretable regardless of who will have to work on it later.

It is a key role, which not only includes tasks related to programming but also an ability to collaborate with various departments of the company to achieve the best possible result. To do this job correctly you definitely need to be proficient in programming, especially object oriented programming, as well as be able to create basic SQL queries.

But at FBK, technical skills are only one of the necessary components: today it is not enough to be a "geek", but you need to be creative, capable of thinking outside the box in order to find the right solution.

What’s a typical “day in the life” for you?

At FBK we operate in a structured manner, adopting best practices that guarantee us a job well done.

My typical day therefore begins with the daily meeting of the development team, in which we discuss what each member worked on the previous day and what their progress was or any problems encountered. Then we move on to examining tasks and if there is a need to delve deeper into some topics or receive further support from other group members to complete the assigned job.

After the briefing we then move on to the operational phase, which is possibly interspersed with other daily meetings, specific to the project: the objective is to remain as close as possible to the functional analysis part, to minimize any possible mismatch with the users’ requirements. A sort of continuous cycle between detailed analysis, development, bug-fixing, and documentation whether it is a new implementation or a modification or fine tuning.

Depending on the topics assigned, I become the main actor or assist and support other team members in carrying out their tasks when required.

What are some of the technical challenges you encounter?

Depending on what we work on at FBK, there are various "challenging" aspects. There is a technical component, concerning the style of writing the code, its "efficiency". But certainly, one of the most interesting technical challenges, closely connected with the type of application on which I work, is that relating to the visualization of data: how to ensure that the high volumes of information to be managed in system can be displayed best to the user.

Ironically, we are therefore talking about an aspect that would seem to be more linked to the frontend, but if you don't set things up correctly from the start, it will be difficult for your colleagues to straighten things out as best as possible.

Why FBK?

The elements that make up "corporate" life and make you understand whether you are well or not are always many and must always be analyzed together.

What I certainly like about FBK is that you can always find the right balance between work and private life: there is mutual respect, and after your work activities you always still have time to do what you love, and cultivate friendships, hobbies, and sports. This doesn't mean that there aren't moments where everyone has to give more, but they are never "unpleasant surprises" at the last minute, nor a recurring habit.

Secondly the environment is friendly; the Company encourages relationships between the various teams as well as opportunities to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or even just the return from a longer absence, and this certainly creates a general climate of welcome, kindness and interpersonal availability.

Thirdly, it is a company that rewards merit: there is room for personal and professional growth/improvement, and the company invests in resources and provides various learning tools.

And last but not least, it is a company that always tries to combine the seriousness of its work processes with moments of fun: during the years there are at least a couple of parties organized by the company to share together the objectives achieved and cement interpersonal relationships.

What’s the most challenging aspect of working at FBK?

At FBK the bar is certainly high and the work demanding: we deal with complex aspects and processes, and therefore you encounter problems and obstacles that push you to your limits. You must always try to find the best possible solution. But the positive aspect in all of this is that you are never alone and there is always someone ready to help and guide you. Ultimately these are the things that allow you to grow and improve as a developer.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to join the team?

From a general perspective, my advice is to have an open mind, take the time to learn what your manager teaches and trust the process. Invest in solid relationships, having someone in your corner who you can turn to for guidance or ask for help in navigating your career is priceless. Never be afraid to ask questions in case of doubt or to give your opinion or suggestion. Be patient and work hard: at FBK there is always someone watching you, and the efforts you make never go unnoticed.

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Milan, April 2024.


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