CM|XS DataMart the information you never knew you had

Nowadays, Tender Management’s complexity requires more information and data, especially for Companies engaged in multi-country levels that need detailed and focused evidences. The main purpose of FBK’s development process is the constant improvement of its software solutions, based on this principle, DataMart has been realized.

DataMart is the brand new Analytic Module available within CM|XS suite, specially designed to meet specific demands addressing from the Top Life Sciences Companies, allowing Tender Managers to explore strategic scenarios in the context of their Tender & Offer environment, either at a country level or for a wider area.

CM|XS DataMart allows different options of data consultancy, these are the main strengths:

  • To have in real-time a Data-Driven Executive Summary through dedicated dashboards
  • To evaluate your business trends over the years and across the instances
  • To perform a clear Win/Loss Analysis
  • To forecast the next operations
  • To build an analysis on budget scenario versus defined Volume Price Corridor
  • To evaluate Price erosion forecasting

With CM|XS DataMart each Customer can get an overall view of its business at a glance, from contract compliance to performance measurement, up to show the business progression over the years. It’s time-saving and flexible, avoids long queries and ensures the benefit of pre-tendering, “ongoing” and strategic analysis, advantaging the Customer to dramatically gain a favorable cost/benefit ratio.

Building winning long term strategies together with quick short term course corrections could be greatly enhanced by a clear understanding of the individual impacts of price and volume, as incorporating mixed product and channel information, as well as geographical insights.

CM|XS DataMart provides the Customer with unique instruments to collect all the crucial information flowing from its CM Tender & Offer Database.

Furthermore with CM|XS DataMart you have the opportunity to check how efficient is your organization and monitor the lifecycle of the contracts created by division, by drilling down different levels of details with country selection options, and managing upcoming deadlines.

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