CM|XS Reporting
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Within the essentialities that any organization needs to support its mission, a key element is to certainly have in place an effective reporting system. CM|XS Reporting cloud solution is the perfect answer that brings real benefit to your company.

Designed to address the needs for any kind of reports, at any different level, CM|XS Reporting is an intelligent user-friendly interface totally configurable and customizable, that allow Customers to generate reports in a quick and simple way tracking the Company’s business Tender & Offer activities.

Among the main functionalities available there is a complete configurable SOD Solution with different functions for each user, along with complete multi language and regional setting support.

Provides endless standard reports and customized reports grouped by type.

CM|XS Reporting is accessible from all last-generation browsers supporting html 5, and provides data-export in various formats and in any context, with multi selection filters available. Allows fast integration of new reports without changing the application infrastructure.

CM|XS Reporting is extremely useful because it significantly improves the effectiveness of the comparable information provided. It’s a completed application-integrated system, security guaranteed by network protocols.

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