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In today’s competitive environment, where major companies are selecting advanced platforms as CM|XS Suite to better manage all revenue channels including Tender Management, the ability to make business decisions intuitively and pertinently is strictly dependent upon availability and accessibility of data and information. Hence, to support the business action, Operational Intelligence comes to the aid.

It’s within this context that FBK has implemented CM|XS Operational Intelligence Module" (aka CM|XS OI) designed to support users with real-time intelligence to help them in taking the right decision. It provides a wider integrated component that goes beyond the existing functionality, giving the chance to retrieve any type of information from the FBK Analytic Module: CM|XS DataMart.

What distinguishes CM|XS OI Module is the immediate visibility of the real-time impact on business operations, that allows executives to monitor all aspects of company operations, providing real-time data for taking immediate decision or changing sales action and hypothetical projections for future updating.

It is interesting to note from Gartner’s ”Magic Quadrant for Intelligence Business Process Management Suites” published in 2019 January 30th, that “faced with both externally and internally driven change, organizations have a greater need to reinvent themselves while also driving improvements in efficiency. The prevailing business environment is evolving ever-more rapidly. Business managers need both top-down and bottom-up approaches to deliver more efficient and effective customer experiences”.

Gartner’s document strategic planning assumptions are:

  • By 2022, one in five workers engaged in mostly non-routine tasks will rely on AI to do their jobs
  • By 2023, adopting a digital ops mindset will be the key reason for more than a half of large enterprises meeting their digital transformation goals.

CM|XS OI module enriches the large spectrum of information available during the Offer Construction Phase and Pricing Approval Flow, and this explains why it is usually assigned to whom has the responsibility of the Offer Preparation (Sales Reps, Marketing, Finance Dept. and Tender Office) and the Approval Process.

The Analytics extracted can be provided at a different level of detail, from the customer involved in the dossier preparation to the single Item offered.

CM|XS OI module allows companies to define their own dashboards with a critical set of information, aiming to achieve the best strategy for the pricing definition, such as Account Analysis, Proposal Summary and Detail Analysis, plus all other information that can be retrieved from Contract Manager and DataMart solutions, as for Competitors, Customer Archetype and Products Segmentation.

Coming soon: don’t miss the next upgrades about the development of new application within CM|XS OI, especially about Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analysis topical issues which we’ve been working on for a while and shall be made available soon for our customers.

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