Tender Management

What is the Learning Center?

Tender Management within the Life Sciences and Healthcare context is an ever-growing topic that involves decision makers from many company areas, from operational to management and IT.

The Learning Center contains resources that are provided as a contribution to stimulate the thought process and provide insight to the discussions related to the interpretation to what a Tender Management project is.

Key Objectives

The learning center aims to provide materials that can give insight into the intricate and complex topics that Tender Management tackles, to aid in participating in planning and strategic decision activities.  Within this area it is possible to find:

  • Learning Articles are a series of articles and documents that are aimed at providing reflection points on some of the management issues of Life Science and Healthcare market.
  • Presentations and videos discussing specific topics and providing insight in an easily digested way
  • White Papers going into detail of certain discussions

As a leading supplier of this market opening technology, we provide this resource to our current and prospective customers as a indication of our market knowledge and commitment to driving excellence with our customers and partners.

Knowledge base

Elusive Global Vision


With International Reference Pricing being one of the biggest topics in Tender Management over the last 5 years, it is unsurprising that a key action point for every company is to get a handle on pricing. When data is patchy, unreliable and arrives in 25 different formats, however, any conclusions drawn are sketchy at best.


Driving Efficiency from Technology


Like today’s hi-tech industrial robots compare to the hammer and anvil of the past, a specifically designed Life Science Tendering Management software platform goes far beyond something that creates an Excel or Word document. To explore the many benefits from a tool, the example of a recent customer shows how the existing process was reviewed and greatly improved by introducing a Tender Management solution.


Considerations for choosing Tender Management Software


An introduction to what Tender Management Software is, how it helps the company reach this goal and considerations for choosing a product that is correct for a Multinational company so that it can be at the forefront of the game.


Is Tender Management on your Roadmap?


Tendering drives the main Life Sciences markets in Europe, and the process is taking center stage in Emerging Markets such as Russia, China, India, South America for public sector purchasing, as well as being adopted by the private sector due to the demonstrable success on driving down pricing. Effective participation in tendering is the first step to maintaining and maximizing market share, so it is important that the requirements are well known and well provided for.