Assessment Of Controls Assurance

Aiming to improve its level of quality standard, FBK is currently in the process of adopting the crucial SOC 2 Type II, an attestation that provides controls assurance over a defined set of its systems.

The distinguishing marks of SOC 2 are based on five trust principles: security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.

These principles mean that SOC 2 reports are extremely important for any organization, because they are especially intended to provide more detailed information and assurance, which is more relevant speaking of Cloud application and solutions.

A fundamental aspect to underline when a company obtains the Soc 2 Type II report, means that it can provide assurance to its Customers who outsource their IT systems performing critical operations, that their service organizations have procedures and controls in place to bring constant and reliable services.

User organizations that are concerned with the five principals are more likely to partner with service organizations that can provide a SOC 2 report.

Companies that pass this audit year after year not only prove their legitimacy, but also their organizational integrity as well.

The fulfillment of the process for FBK is scheduled by November 2018.

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