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The Tender Management process is a highly complex and critical one.

Over the past few years Market has changed, and it is becoming more and more important to know everything that happened and that is happening, and therefore to involve the external network within the definition of the terms to apply to a Tender or an Offer.

This demand requires external sales representative and management to access in an easy, protected and completed way to strategic and important data, in order to improve the collaboration with the backoffice team and increase profitability and efficiency of your process.

Check the prices applied to a client, accurately and always “up to date”, manage competition data punctually, control and manage pricing approval process in accordance with Company policy are fundamental requirements when Sales Rep is involved in the Tender and Offer process.

However, based on the special and unique character of the problems linked to the complicated Tender&Offer management process in the Life Sciences and Healthcare world, it is essential to choose CPQ that have been specifically designed for this market, not generic products to be adapted from time to time.

With the adoption of CM|XS Mobile component, the right complement to Feedback CM|XS Suite, you’ll get the “State of Art” CPQ in BackOffice & Tender Management on the Market.

CM|XS Mobile is compatible with: iPhone (iOS 8.2 or higher), iPad (iOS 8.2 or higher), Android (4.4 or higher) and Windows (7 or higher).


Functionalities are designed and 100% integrated with the Back Office section of the Tender&Offer Management

Integrated Workflow Engine tailored to Company Pricing Policy and Sales Structure

Linear and guided process of the commercial activities, from the proposal made by the field, to its approval, to fulfilment of the bureaucratical matters, to end with sending of the Offer/Tender

Ability to see all the Product/Customers Offers and Tender conditions with respect to the Sales Force profile and Territory

Quote creation with facilitated Data Entry at item level or Hierarchy (BU, Division, Product Line, Product Group, etc.)

Customer Analysis with detailed current prices, Customer Membership, Contract Documents and History of Offers and Tenders with products and prices applied

Direct relation between proposal and CM System Offers and Tenders

Management and control of the main deadlines and activities (approvals, price requests, lead generation, ..), with calendar and table views

Easy access to Offers and Tenders to manage Extensions, Improvements and Renewals

Several Graphics analysis related to the Tender and Offer context, such as dead line, volume and price quantity, Market share….

Collection and management of Competitors’ data

Direct access (read only) to all the Contract and Product Documentation, such as Call for Tender, Product IFU, …..

Unique shared system for Sales Force and Backoffice Tender team with a drastic reduction of operational time

Advanced communications capabilities, such as Mail, Memo, Task

Major advantages

Healthcare specific

Ability to manage all Tender & Bid requirements of the Healthcare Market, including Lot&Sublot management, Family of Products, Hierarchies, Kits&Components, Samples, Loan For Use, Trade Discount… with drastic reduction of the operating time

Constantly Updated

Dedicated Sales Reps functionalities continuously updated, matching the BackOffice ones

Documents at your fingertips

Easy consulting functionality to retrieve Tender Document (Award agreement, Original Offer Document etc… and Product Documentation such as IFU, Brochure etc..)

One Repository

Only one repository for all data related to a supply (Quote, Approval, Tender data, Documents, Awards, etc.)

Process Improvement

Process efficiency improvement (e.g. distribution of the activities through the different company entities Back Office/Sales Reps)

Activities under control

Direct Control by Sales Reps of their activities related to Offers and Tenders (e.g. result collections, Offers and Tenders status, approval and price check, etc.)

Post Sales activities

Management of proposed improvements and extensions on the basis of Offers and Tenders already existing into Contract Manager System

24/7 Pull Contents

Sales Reps independence in retrieving Offers and Tenders information, resulting in the reduction of the response time and Back Office involvement

Data direct access

Direct Access Back Office Offer and Data and Tenders Documents

Tender&Offer at a Glance

Summary recap list of the Offers and Tenders and their relevant status (waiting, under construction, approved, awarded, etc.) in progress with customers

Data sharing

Certified, validated and consistent data among all resources involved in the process


Information Segregation and Management in conformity with the Company SOD/SOX policy

Value added Tools

Advanced instruments to perform Sales Activities and improve Company strategies.

Approval Workflow

Offer and Tender approval cycle always under control (real-time visibility of the approval state and actors involved )

Data Analysis

Dashboard based on Product Division&Line, Tender&Offer Deadline, Offer Volume, WorkLoad, Market share


Key Indicator under control (Gross Profit, Offer/Tender Marginality, etc.. ) for a strategic vision of the data to be approved



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