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Feedback Processi Logici (FBK) is one of the Tender Management software solutions to Manufacturers, Suppliers, Vendors and Resellers within the Life Science and Health Care industry. The total business managed through FBK systems is currently over $ 6 bn.

The company has built extensive expertise since 1996 in providing and integrating Enterprise level software, having partnered with many of the largest multinational Healthcare companies present on today’s market with installations in the main European countries. FBK is a privately-held company with Head Offices in Milan Italy, experts in the issues of Life Science Tender and Meeting Management. FBK is certified ISO 9001:2008 by DNV-GL.

The company was established in Italy in 1996. Starting with the Meeting Management product, followed by the introduction of Tender Management, the goal was becoming the reference company for the markets it works in.

In 2006 the company made a conscious decision to shift focus from the local to the global market establishing a new orientation that put Multinationals as reference customers. A research program of European requirements was started, building an essential knowledge base of the issues that Life Science companies face across Europe. Development focus moved to covering pan-European needs while at the same time the commercial activities focused on understanding and meeting Multinational customer needs. Since then FBK has proven the ability to integrate both from a Software, Compliance, Methodology and a Project Management standpoint with the market leaders in the Medical Device, Diagnostic and Pharmaceutical markets.

The year 2007, with the first of several international Tender Management projects, has marked a significant change in our customer strategies, and has consolidated and marketed different countries business onto a single Tender Management platform. This was possible only through a Tool that could guarantee legal compliance, best practices and methodologies appointed at a National level.

In 2008 FBK sought and obtained ISO 9001 certification. DNV-GL ( was chosen as one of the world’s leading certification Bodies, as a guarantee for our customers.

In 2010 FBK has started several partnerships with other international companies having a keen interest in adding FBK solutions to their internal systems, and the subsequent period was defined by the expansion and consolidation of FBK products over a wider market footprint, with a more varied and complete coverage of business sectors.

In 2015 FBK introduced to the market its SaaS platform (, which can significantly speed up the deployment of Multi-Country solutions, and has started being active in extra-EMEA contexts.

In 2016 FBK launched the new release of CM|XS Mobile component, that helps Customers dramatically increase the integration between the BackOffice activities and Sales Force.

In 2017 FBK released the 1.0 version of CM|XS DataMart. This module provides new Analytic instruments and tools, and adds strong value to CM (Contract Manager), allowing users to achieve millions of data rows in real time through an integrated and transparent system, avoiding the support of external information.

In 2018 FBK launched CM|XS Reporting module as part of Contract Manager modular suite, a cloud solution - designed to address the needs for any kind of reports, accessible from all last-generation browser supporting html 5, and provides data-export in various formats and in any context, with multi selection filters available. CM|XS Reporting delivers tons of data with a single click on your keypad, thanks to the use of Exasol, the world‘s fastest in-memory database.

CEO Message

Through hard work and dedication, in a relatively short time, FBK has grown to become the Europe-wide leader in its field.

Dedicating to a specific market sector, and ensuring that a close working relationship is built between the customer and supplier is key to this success. FBK has an in-depth knowledge of the Life Science issues to ensure that the products have the added value and functionality that really stands them out from the rest.

With an excellent management team, strong client relationships and Developing Market opportunities, I believe FBK is well positioned to face the future with confidence.

Andrea Albonico CEO
Andrea Albonico

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